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Your reaction to a child’s tantrum, is a lesson in personal development 1-1

We all know or have a child that we have collectively labeled “difficult”. The child who is not endearing but is clearly used as an example of “what not to do” and “how not to behave.” We are wired to simplify and box “people” as a way to conserve our brain’s energy. But these labels […]

Healing and Bonding: Playing in the Teen Years.

The word “play” is synonymous with childhood only. Yet, we all need recreation, downtime and essentially play throughout our lives. When we think of teens what comes to mind is watching movies in the cinema, hanging out in malls, and having pizzas delivered at midnight. But this is the exact age when children are transitioning into […]

Procrastination or process: Do you have a lazy kid at hand? Dr Miral Azam Khalil

I attended the SCBWI virtual conference this weekend and came back refreshed and buzzing. with excitement. I heard from a keynote speaker that we often mistake process for procrastination. An example would be, me needing to clean up before I can get down to a task at hand. Often, we label children as being lazy […]

Playing for adults: Blocks and Magnets to the rescue

Most of us are tired and overwhelmed. The pandemic left the world economy in shackles and people are struggling. Little to no childcare support and a fickle economy with a looming threat of recession have drained us. How do we then keep a normal front for the healthy development of our children? The answer might […]

Help, I have a very sensitive child!

Living with Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria “You are so sensitive.” My mother gruntled. I could pick her frustration and the slight disgust in her undertone. I was 20-something crying because my mother could not find the jewelry I had left under her care. I was so distraught that I began wailing. I had scrapped money to […]

Music and Rhymes for Language Development

Have you ever wondered why you wake up with a song you are playing in your head? Or why it is too easy to recall a song lyric that you simply read? This is because we are wired to acquire language through listening. And rhymes are simply repetitive. Nothing beats building new neural connections in […]

What is Handiwork?

Are you sick of bribing your child to finish or start a chore, a task, or something as simple as eating?Would you like your kid to be able to self-regulate on their own without any external rewards? If you are ready to end the era of carrot -on-a- stick which essentially means always having to […]

Help my child does not want to play outside.

Many children have sensory differences that go undetected in childhood. Working in pediatrics, I rarely heard of this being addressed during office visits. These sensitivities can appear in the form of headaches in excessive sunlight, fear of being bitten by bugs, the stickiness of sunscreen feeling awful, not liking to get wet, etc. Every day, […]

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