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Miral’s Vision

I am Miral, I am an MD (Doctor of Medicine) and Kheloney is a decade long passion project that is finally coming to fruition.

I’m also a mother to 4 children, 2 of whom I home-school, an aspiring polyglot and a self-proclaimed human rights advocate. I am a Muslim immigrant from Pakistan and my mother tongue is Urdu.

I feel that the need for child-centric spaces like کھلونے is long overdue. I opened this space to give back to the community by investing in children of all backgrounds, bringing back the joy of childhood through storytelling and free play.

Kheloney is a space where we can collectively catch our breath and slow down; where we can be present, engaged, and full of wonder, discovering the world around us and learning from one another.

This change of pace benefits all ages as parents and teenage siblings can join in, reconnecting and bonding with children through stories and play.

Miral & Family

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