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Miral’s Vision

I am Miral, I am an MD (Doctor of Medicine) and Kheloney is a decade long passion project that is finally coming to fruition.

I’m also a mother to 4 children, 2 of whom I home-school, an aspiring polyglot and a self-proclaimed human rights advocate. I am a Muslim immigrant from Pakistan and my mother tongue is Urdu.

At Kheloney you will find toys for children of all backgrounds that will give them the opportunity to explore and grow. Several of the toys we carry are curated from small family run businesses around the world and inside of the U.S.

You’ll find:

Sustainable living-wooden toys

Stylish heirloom pieces

Versatile toys and furniture for decorating and play!

Open ended toys

Non-toxic toys 

Toys that serve your kid’s needs! 

Miral & Family

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