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Our Kheloney Pledge

Self-expression and confidence are built through creative play, and when this happens in a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment the positive impact on all of us can be powerful and long-lasting.

We welcome you to Kheloney and are grateful that you came. By joining us today you and your children can play freely, using toys, crafts, books and music however you like – simply let your imagination run free!

This is a nonviolent, gentle space where we care for one another and treat the venue and everything in it with respect.

To keep everyone happy and safe we ask that you read and agree to the Kheloney Pledge.

In the spirit of free play, patience, and kindness I pledge:

1. To give one another the space we need to play in our own way

2. To treat my fellow playmates with respect

3. To listen and learn from one another

4. To show kindness and understanding and to help whenever I can

5. To share generously, take turns and play fairly

6. To be gentle and respectful with our shared space and everything in it

7. To always play safely and never bring in weapons or anything that could cause harm

8. To look after one another, be inclusive and welcoming

9. To respect the Kheloney philosophy of free, creative, and imaginative play

10. To make the most of every playdate by reaching out and joining in (if you want to!)

Thank you for respecting our play space.

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