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Most of us are tired and overwhelmed. The pandemic left the world economy in shackles
and people are struggling.

Little to no childcare support and a fickle economy with a looming threat of recession have
drained us. How do we then keep a normal front for the healthy development of our

The answer might surprise you. Playing with blocks and magnets has been found to
be not only an easy activity but can actually help adults regulate themselves.

It requires:
1. Little to no prep time
2. Is not messy like art
3. Easy clean up
4. Teaches kids creative ways to build
5. Hand-Eye co-ordination
6. Fine and Gross motor skills

Many of these activities are not only great for kids, but an adult participating with them
allows them to bond, boosts confidence; moreover, it allows us as adults to bust stress.

Talk about a low prep activity with so many benefits!

Beka 36 piece Standard Block Set

Purchase Here:

This is a US based, family owned company that makes wooden blocks. These heirloom
blocks ensure that many children in the family can enjoy them, without them being
chucked into the trash. The Montessori style blocks are non toxic and can be used easily
to create many structures!


Magna-Tiles® Classic 32-Piece Set


This magnetic set is the strongest in the market. I particularly enjoy playing with the ball
run. It provides with hours of entertainment and is a lot of fun!

Purchase here:

Have you tried any of these activities with your kids? If yes let me know which ones did
you like best or even better if there is a better activity?

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