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Meeru’s Multan Book


Saif cannot go to sleep. Little does he know that tonight we will uncover a mischievous side of his serious mother. Together they will walk down memory lane and visit the most special city. An exciting adventure awaits him but will he be able to visit this wonder-filled place?


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Frequently Asked Questions: 
What is the book about?

The book speaks about the adventures Dr. Khalil/Meeru (childhood nickname) has when she goes on her annual summer vacation to Khala’s city of Multan. It speaks about the healing power of storytelling and how Saif finds the simplest things from his mother’s childhood magical.

Why did Dr. Khalil write this book?

Dr. Khalil’s son insisted she share stories of her childhood with him. His insistence on hearing narrations of her past led Dr. Khalil to acknowledge the beauty and richness of her past.

Words from the author: 

I wrote this book to take ownership of my narratives and redeem our country. My parents, my grandparents, and my family are buried in Pakistan’s soil. I owe it to them, to myself, my children, and to my country to share my narrative. Our stories are embedded with rich heritage and culture they deserve to be shared with our children. It is time we STOP being ashamed of where we came from. It is time to stand tall and be proud!

Is this book based on true events?

Absolutely. The book is based on the life of Dr. Khalil’s maternal aunt Fakhra Azra, and her tenure as the highest civilian female officer in the Women’s Prison Department.

When is the book scheduled to be released?

The book is available now where all books are sold. Grab your copy now!

Who is the author of the book?

Dr. Miral Azam Khalil is the author of the book.  She came to the United States as a postdoctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins University.  She is passionate about childhood development. In Glen Burnie, Dr. Khalil runs a new toy store and play space called Kheloney with her two older children.

Who is the illustrator of this book?

The book is illustrated by Benazir Khan Lodihi

Why should I buy this book?

Our children can not be what they can not see. Children develop self-value when they are able to read or see examples of people who look like them achieving greatness. Pakistan has been in the media for all the wrong reasons. It is high time we change this narrative and take ownership of our stories, the good, the bad, and the great. Our children need to hear stories of greatness, so they can take pride in being Pakistani immigrants.

Does this book contain religious text?

The book does not contain any religious text. Rather it speaks about the author’s adventures as a young child in the Pakistani city of Multan.

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Meeru's Multan Book
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 1 reviews
 by Fauzia Ahmed

Beautiful bilingual book. Illustrations are amazing. Reading this book will make the kids from The Asian Subcontinent feel more included in the American society. The author expressed her memories in such a lovely way that it takes me back to my childhood. This book is a must for every household and school. I will wait for more books like this from Dr.Miral.

A joy-filled recollection of Dr. Miral Khalil’s summer adventures in the city of Multan, Pakistan with my khala/maternal aunty.

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