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Many children have sensory differences that go undetected in childhood. Working in pediatrics, I rarely heard of this being addressed during office visits. These sensitivities can appear in the form of headaches in excessive sunlight, fear of being bitten by bugs, the stickiness of sunscreen feeling awful, not liking to get wet, etc.

Every day, coming back from school as a child, I experienced headaches. Growing up in sunny Pakistan did not help my case. It was a challenge to brave through the car ride. I rarely left the house. My mother was a Gardner and never understood why I never played outside. She simply mistook it for me being ungrateful to have a “garden”. I enjoyed the garden when the clouds hid the sun, as it is a rare occurrence in Pakistan, hence I ventured out rarely. Keeping this in mind, I am happy to share that we curate toys that quietly invite your child to bring the outdoors inside.


Fat Brain Toy Co. Buggy Light    Fat Brain Toy Co. Buggy Light

Buggy Light-Fat Brain Toys:

This toy was a winner in a Kid inventor competition! Does it surprise you? If you have a budding naturalist who would love to see the insects and bugs up and close, this toy is the perfect tool in your belt. Bring the tiny critters inside your home and let your children observe them from the comfort of a small container that not only magnifies the insect inside but also changes color! What a magical invitation to view the natural world!


Wiwiurka Rainbow Childrens Swing Wiwiurka Rainbow Childrens Swing

Wiwiurka swing:

Who can resist the good old swing! Many children do not like to tread outside in bad weather. Quit screen time and bring this Wiwiurka swing into your home. Hours of play time inside the house , caters to weights unto a 100 pounds. This swing is a treat for any age if you are within the weight limit!

The simplistic approach is to tell a caregiver to just take the kids outside regularly and they will “get over” their inhibitions. I personally believe that taking small steps and letting the child explore as much as they want to is a step in the right direction. They may never grow out of their dislike, but that self awareness is not a weakness but a strength. By pushing the bounds of their comfort zone, they will discover what their strengths are. And a self aware child is what we all want, isn’t it?


Dr. Miral Khalil

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