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The word “play” is synonymous with childhood only.

Yet, we all need recreation, downtime and essentially play throughout our lives.
When we think of teens what comes to mind is watching
movies in the cinema, hanging out in malls, and having pizzas delivered at midnight.
But this is the exact age when children are transitioning into adolescents, and
their hormones are peaking. They need “play” more than ever.

There are a number of ways play can be incorporated in daily routine, for a
meaningful impact on your teen’s mental health.

1. Time spent indoors, playing board games.
2. Time spent outdoors: routinely taking a stroll or a
scheduled time for a walk.
3. Learning to play a musical instrument together.
4. Art

Teens have a variety of ways to express themselves but
nothing gives them more excitement than being a bit of a rebel.

The Japanese brand Kitpas, caught my attention when a
professor who taught me a graduate school class, brought in some of
these crayons and told us to present on the office” window” instead of a

Talk about stirring the pot.

Kitpas , produces crayons that can be used on windows and
simply be wiped away. Their chalks are another favorite item
of mine that can be used to draw graffiti on the walls or the
sidewalk alike.

Most importantly, they come easily off and their ability to
remain mess free and “NOT permanent” is a big attraction for
many of us. Isn’t it?

Their nontoxic ingredients, allows them to be safe around babies and not cause allergies in
older kids.

kitpas Bath Crayons

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I have found them to be a great ice breaker with teenagers. Ask
a teen to draw on a window and you have their full attention.

Bonding with teens is extremely important because they are
experiencing massive changes both physically and emotionally.
Much has been studied about the increasing rate of depression in these years.
Appropriate outlets to express their feelings, allows them to
learn how to regulate new emotions and navigate these years.
Why not begin by offering a simple beloved crayon , to paint
the town red with?

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