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Montessori Toys

Here at Kheloney, we want to encourage children’s natural curiosity and inquisitive nature through self-directed play! Our toys support the Montessori method of learning that encourages children to grow and develop in self-directed methods through hands-on play and collaborative and interactive learning. In this setting, children can learn at their own pace and are free to explore the world around them independently and without the pressure of milestone deadlines or expectations. We believe that toys should help children to develop their own sense of self-awareness, self-drive, and self-regulation. 

Our Montessori toys stimulate children’s tactile senses. They are used to develop age-appropriate skills by stimulating real-world scenarios that children may experience and allowing them to use their imagination freely to solve problems and develop their own thought processes. These Montessori toys encourage a sense of empowerment in children of all ages as they play and learn. 

At Kheloney, we carry a variety of Montessori toys, including wooden Waldorf-style toys with a modern and simplistic design, magnetic toys, arts and crafts supplies, and magazines for kids that all help to support the Montessori style of open and unstructured and self-directed play and encourage hands-on learning. With magazines for kids of all abilities and ages, such as Ditto Kids and Honest History, your child can expand their knowledge of values like respect and acceptance, or they can unleash their creativity through crafts such as origami kits and art sets or through puzzles and magnetic or Waldorf-style wooden toys.

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