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Beka 28 piece Innovator Block Set


Beka Innovator Block Set is a 28 piece unit block set, featuring 9 traditional block shapes:

6 – 1/2 units, 2 – units, 6 – 1/2 pillars, 4 – pillars, 2 – double pillars, 4 – columns, 1 – roman arch, 1 – 1/2 circle and 2 –  small triangles.

These 28 hard maple unit blocks provide a great introduction to block play, all based on fractions or multiples of the traditional unit block dimension of 1-3/8  x  2-3/4  x  5-1/2.

Made from Smooth Sanded Hard Maple from Minnesota and Wisconsin. Very High Quality Wooden Blocks. All edges are smooth sanded, surfaced, rounded, and soft.

Suggested age: 1+

28 hard maple unit blocks, chosen to provide a good building experience for children starting to enjoy block play.

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BekaWe specialize in handmade wooden products!
Proud to be 100% USA Made!

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