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Gathre Table Cloth – Currant Color


Wipeable bonded leather for simple beauty and easy cleanup.

8 Foot Dimensions: 137cm x 243cm, seats 6.

The drop on a tablecloth is typically anywhere between 8 inches and 16 inches, with a longer drop normally used for more formal occasions. For an everyday kitchen table situation, err on the side of a shorter drop, somewhere around 6-10 inches.

Tablecloth Care
– Use a wipe, paper towel, or wet rag with gentle cleaner to clean the surface of the item
– Wrinkles can be released by laying flat, hanging, placing in the dryer for a few minutes, or steaming the backside.
– Just as a linen tablecloth or even tupperware can stain when used with highly pigmented foods/beverages/etc. our tablecloths can stain as well as they are not stainproof.
– It is recommended to use extra caution when folding or cleaning printed mats as they are digitally printed on the leather and the ink can be removed.

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