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Fat Brain Toy Co. Buggy Light


Put that mason jar back in the cupboard – We’ve got something much better!

A softly glowing light shines from the base to illuminate all the fascinating colors and features of your pet insects. Meanwhile, the lid doubles as a magnifying glass so you can easily see every little detail.

Plus, just to make your entomological adventure that much more exciting, the controls let you easily adjust the brightness, scroll through an entire rainbow of colors, and even set it to cycle through colors all on its own.

Shed a light on the beauty of bugs with the fun and fascinating Buggy Light.

Buggy Light is a lighted jar for collecting and observing bugs

Encourages outdoor discovery, scientific learning, an interest in entomology

Lid doubles as a magnifying glass – 8x magnification power

Features holes to provide bugs with air

Light built into base illuminates the bugs beautifully while staying cool

Easily adjust the brightness

Turn the dial to scroll through a rainbow of colors

Set it to cycle through colors on its own

Works beautifully as a unique nightlight

Light shuts off automatically after 30 minutes

Includes one Buggy Light

Based on the design of the 2018 Kidventor Competition winner Emma

Requires 3 AAA batteries – Not included

High-quality materials and construction – Lasting durability

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