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kitpas Water Brush Pen


A splash of endless possibilities!

A magic pen that creates water coloring effects on Kitpas!

You can freely turn Kitpas into a beautiful watercolor painting by adding water inside the pen and using brush strokes on top of your drawing. Easy color mixing on both the palette and on paper.

  • Create a watercolor painting with Kitpas.
  • Fill brush with water to create a watercolor painting.
  • Easy to carry with cap on.
  • Quick and simple rinsing at the sink.

*Rinse the brush with water after every use and let it dry.

8 Colors (White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Black)

Made in Japan

8 in stock

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kitpasWelcome to the world of kitpas – a new dimension in art materials. kitpas Art Crayons and kitpas Chalks with their exuberantly vibrant colors bring out the kid in everyone. Their buttery smoothness unleashes children’s creativity instantly. Bright, bold drawings unfold with ease on almost any surface including paper, glass, mirrors and whiteboard. Our crayons are water soluble and with just a few strokes of a wet brush your drawing will become a gorgeous watercolor painting! Clean up is a snap on any non porous surface. And for a pastel-like drawing experience, our kitpas Chalks are simply the best. All kitpas products are non-toxic.

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