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You can gift a playdate, or series of playdates. Each hour-long session only costs $15.00, yet it can make a drastic difference to the lives and future lives of the less privileged members of our communities.

Please contact Miral Khalil by filling out the following form. Miral will then make contact to discuss.*

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*We will not accept gifts which are politically, racially, or religiously motivated or would like to direct us as to how the funds are used. We will not advertise anything that is ethically in contradiction to our business philosophy.

The state of Maryland allows you to accept gifts and donations whilst you are a for profit if you mention explicitly that the organization is for profit, is not a registered charity and hence the gift/ donation is not tax deductible. Also we use the funds to facilitate play/bilingual story sessions for any family who expresses need after conducting a phone screen with them to determine their eligibility and need. We try our best to help any and all without any discrimination. We cannot accept any gifts/donations with any restrictions/conditions attached to it. We use the gifts at our discretion and cannot serve any religious or political agenda.

Kheloney Seen, Heard & Free

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