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Applying for Seen, Heard & Free

The Seen, Heard and Free project at Kheloney provides children who would struggle to afford attendance with a free pass or passes for playdates at the Kheloney Studio.

If you care for or know a child who would benefit from a free playdate at Kheloney, please email with your request to be considered for this public fund; we will then contact you and ask you a few questions.

We try to accommodate everyone who applies for this pass and will send you a free pass via email once a phone inquiry has been completed. We thank you for your patience and understanding.*

Thank you for your Kheloney Seen, Heard & Free enquiry!

Miral will be in touch.

*We publicly request that you do not apply for this program if you, or the carer of the child in question, are able to afford the playdate. We have to be conscientious whilst we use these funds to serve children who are absolutely deserving of these.

Kheloney Seen, Heard & Free
Mum and Baby

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