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Summer Special Sessions

Get super excited for our special sessions!

Special Sessions ONLY will continue during the months of June and August

Brush Drawing

Miral will be offering brush drawing lessons using her friend Richele Barburina’s brush drawing course which will take any child from basic brush drawing techniques to drawing from nature.

The course is a natural continuation to Naomi’s Spanish in the wild course. Children who continue on will then settle down to practice their brush strokes for 50 minutes.

If you choose to do this seasonal class, you will see the great benefit in having a child observe keenly and silently the seasonal changes the Earth goes through. It is a great exercise in observation and in my experience an excellent way to relieve stress.

10 weekly 1 hour classes – venue to be confirmed – on Wednesdays at 2.15pm

Classes are minimum of 10 children and maximum 15 children

$15 per session*

10 % sibling discount applies
Children aged 5 and above

All families must purchase the course from the @simply charlotte mason’s website by clicking here:

Spanish in the Wild

Coming Soon
Lead by Anne Arundel County Parks and Recreation

Globe Earth
Open Book

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