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Bilingual Story and Play Sessions

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Our comprehension-based story time is based on Miral’s training in language teaching and a decade of immersion in learning Arabic, Spanish and French. Through language input and comprehension, we bring the stories of the world and different cultures to our story telling sessions, engaging all of the children’s senses so that languages not only make sense but are fun to learn as well.

What to expect during a bilingual story and play session

We start all sessions with introductions, talking about how each child is feeling, the weather, the time of day and the time of the year. We briefly talk about seasons, and we commence with our story of the day.

We then engage each child and talk about their favorite part of the story. To end the session, we sing a goodbye song and encourage each child to observe the moon so that we can talk about it in the next session.

The sessions are intentionally set up in an organic way and seek to challenge the child to observe the natural world around them more closely.

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Please arrive a little before the beginning of the session and we will welcome you and your child/children, perform a quick temperature check, and provide a small sticky name tag for the registered child/children.

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Cost per playdate:

$15 per session


Each session is 50 minutes long with 10 minutes at the end for questions and check-out. We sanitize the playroom between sessions.


To maintain the quality of the sessions, we cap the sessions at 10 children per session with only 1 parent/guardian per child.

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