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Wooden Toys

Wooden toys provide children with opportunities for sensory exploration and encourage the strengthening of a child’s hand-eye coordination and tactile senses. Unlike plastic ones, wooden toys warm to a child’s bodily temperature as they’re used, giving a more natural experience, and the variations in texture, size, and shape, encourage children to explore how these variations will affect their uses.

Kheloney’s Montessori-style wooden toys are designed to develop children’s skills while they play by encouraging children’s innate inquisitive nature. Our Montessori wooden block toys teach children about concepts such as shapes, building and object structure, and variations of weights and sizes. By encouraging this type of free-play, children learn about the natural world around them! The Montessori style of learning is done through imaginative and purposeful play, and our wooden Montessori toys come in a wide variety to give your young learners options for experimental play that can also provide them with lifelong skills. 

With simplistic and classic designs, all of our wooden toys and blocks are sturdy and reliable and can last your children a lifetime. Because these wooden toys are derived from natural materials, they are non-toxic and safe for children of any age. Kheloney carries curated pieces from the socially responsible brand, Wiwiurka, including blocks and manipulatives, children’s furniture, and larger toys that encourage tactile and emotional exploration.

In addition, Kheloney’s stock includes wooden block toys from Beka, and these wooden toys are sourced from high-quality and sustainably sourced hard maple wood. We also carry wooden toy kits from Let Them Play that are handmade, carbon-neutral, and from ethically sourced materials, and are proud to provide options that help your child grow while also positively impacting the world we all live in. 

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