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Kids Play Mats

Kheloney now carries Gathre kid’s playmats and posters that were developed to create intentional space for spending time together. The original Gathre kid’s play mat is available in both Raven and Untanned shades and offers children a safe and comfortable space to play and relax. Kheloney also offers Gathre kids play mats in a variety of colors and prints to match your desired aesthetic, as well as in educational printed varieties with maps of the United States, the US National Parks, the world, and the Periodic Table of Elements, perfect for your budding historian, geographer, or scientist. 

Gathre’s kid’s playmats are made from high-quality vegan leather and flocked suede and are easy to clean and durable enough to withstand tough little hands and messes. Their clean and natural look is achieved with a debossed logo and simple but high-quality stitching, and all mats have a buttery-soft feel of leather but are made from vegan and non-toxic materials. All of Gathre’s kid’s play mats are waterproof and easy to clean. No mess is too big for these kids’ play mats! The mats are compact and portable, folding and transporting easily to fit your family’s on-the-go lifestyle. View the Gathre kid’s play mats, as well as our other vegan leather products below.

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