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Magazines for Kids

The Kheloney brand is focused on encouraging children to learn and grow through free play and exploring the world around them. In addition to enriching toys and arts and crafts supplies, we carry children’s magazines focused on teaching respect through an honest and unbiased account of history. These magazines for kids can be used as an introduction to the world around them and the historical events that built it and are presented in an unbiased but truthful way to teach kids to recognize and learn from our world’s history.

Honest History Magazine for Kids provides readers with a well-researched account of some of the most pivotal stories and characters that have changed our world over time. Honest History magazine presents truthful stories of these events and how they have affected our current world and also encourages readers to research for themselves and think critically about the positive impact their lives could have on the future world.

Ditto Kids Magazine similarly presents readers with an actively anti-racist account of historical events and cultural education. Their developmentally-appropriate content allows children to learn about world history and current events in an unbiased setting. It is filled with vibrant visuals and stories to accompany the educational lessons. These magazines for kids are available in multiple issues and are full of exciting and educational content to help your young readers grow!

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