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Arts & Crafts for Kids

At Kheloney, we focus on providing all children with toys and activities to widen their imagination and create environments that encourage free play and learning. In addition to toys and magazines, Kheloney carries arts and crafts supplies for children suitable for various age ranges. They will keep your children’s attention and encourage their learning and personal growth through free play and exploration.

We offer Kitpas products, including art chalks, bath crayons, buttery-smooth crayons, and water brush pens for the budding artist in your life! Kitpas products are made in Japan, and the company is dedicated to supporting those of all abilities. These mess-free crayons are made from rice flour and are 100% vegan and natural, and both this product and the water brush pens are non-toxic and can be easily cleaned off of walls and surfaces. Kitpas products are sustainably produced and available in a wide variety of vibrant colors and styles that allow creativity to flow freely.

Kheloney also offers products created by the French family-owned company, Djeco. These toys and kits are beautiful and educational. Our selection includes Djeco’s renowned origami kits, puzzles for toddlers, and craft kits encouraging users to grow hand-eye coordination and dexterity, expand their creativity, and build their attention span and patience. Check out our selection of curated products below, or click on a specific product to view more details.

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